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Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #4

April 16 · Issue #4 · View online
Friends of MrJanGear
Newsletter #4 - Nature in bloom

The first green of spring
The trees that I see from my kitchen window are developing leaves at incredible speed. It surprises me every year; the pace as well as the intense green colour. It makes me want to leave the desk and go out to enjoy the warmth of the early evening sun.
As I write this for you, our friends and clients, I am aware that for those who live in New Zealand winter is coming. In Scandinavia, there is still a lot of snow and in Namibia, there is no such thing as springtime. Nevertheless, nature is always alive. There’s always something remarkable to see.
Since we are more or less locked in our country or the area we live in, YouTube sometimes provides a welcome look beyond our borders. One of the YouTubers we would like to introduce is Morten Hilmer, a Danish wildlife photographer with a special set of skills… and a MrJan Gear Floating Hide. Take a look and enjoy!
Bird photography - Success in the Floating Hide
The beauty of chaos
There is a lot going on in spring. Everything happens at once and photographers have to be prepared to capture those perfect moments.
Tom Dyring is a very experienced Norwegian wildlife photographer with a soft spot for snakes. He has taken pictures of the most dangerous and venomous snakes, showing us there are many photogenic species. A bit less obvious to take pictures of than birds, but if you’re into something new, this article may trigger you to take your chance.
Tinder time
Tinder time
Adder's mating season - by Tom Dyring
Bean bag photography - your springtime support
Sometimes you need some support
Sometimes you need some support
As cameras have become bigger and heavier in the past 15 years, a tripod seems to have become inevitable - especially with the use of long lenses. Tripods become lighter and stronger, and almost every photographer uses this fancy carbon accessory. But have you considered the old-fashioned bean bag?
Bean bags offer great support for long lenses and macro lenses alike. They provide a stable platform for your camera on a post, wall, or for those low angles, and even for that nice long exposure from your hotel balcony. They’re flexible and lightweight and often easier to use than a full-featured tripod. We offer five different types for different use; sneak a peek at our website!
Bean bags by MrJan Gear
Summer ahead
While we are prepping for summer, we are developing a few prototypes, testing fabrics, and working out some ideas. We hope to see or hear from you soon! Feel free to reply to this mail if you have any questions or experiences to share. And don’t hesitate to forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested.
Stay safe and enjoy April!
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