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Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #3

March 25 · Issue #3 · View online
Friends of MrJanGear
Newsletter #3 - Should I stay or should I go …

No matter how much we wish the pandemic were over, in most European countries the battle with the virus continues. We have to stay within our country borders and rely on domestic trips to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. Many people find it a revelation that there is, in fact, quite some wildlife right around the corner.
While you’re probably used to having the forest to yourself, these days the ‘wilderness’ gets a bit crowded. But that’s a small price to pay for more awareness about nature and the environment, which is consequently also on the rise. No matter how far or near, we are ready to provide you with the best gear for your next trip into the wild.
The ultimate trip pack: Rise
Photo credit: Mia Surakka
Photo credit: Mia Surakka
When we started MrJanGear in 2014, we had one single idea for a backpack. It had to be spacious and solid, and it had to fit the overhead compartment regulations.
A few years and quite some models later, we recently added the Rise trip pack to the range. Officially called the Rise & Shine, this model is ideal as a photo backpack and has all the features of its ‘big brothers’, but is equally as handy for a weekend away or a trip without those long lenses. In short: this backpack is always useful. It’s available in three colours: petrol, deep orange and black.
Our Ambassador Floris Smeets wrote an extensive review about it that we are happy to share with you.
The Quarterbag - Free with your Rise in a matching colour.
The Quarterbag - Free with your Rise in a matching colour.
Do you wish to order the Rise directly? Follow this link and you will receive a bonus Quarterbag - a handy pouch that fits in the Rise and can be used for cables, your drone, a filter set, your lunch or as a toiletry bag.
[valid until March 31]
Floating Hide
The wait is finally over! The first batch of floating hides is ready for shipment and the next lot is getting there fast.
Covid caused hefty transport delays, affecting deliveries from the factory where we have the parts manufactured . In the end, MrJan Himself was cutting the tent poles to size and sanding and assembling the parts, because the supplier couldn’t get it done in time. Nice work, but it doesn’t go quite so fast if you do all this on your own. A big thanks to all of you who have been so patient!
Blogging? Blogging!
We make tools for photographers, mostly wildlife photographers. If you run into us, chances are we won’t stop talking about gear and how to haul it all over the planet. But due to a nasty virus, meeting you at travel fairs and photography shows has become impossible. That’s why we initiated this newsletter, and why we consider sharing stories - our stories and those of others. Yes, we know - podcasts are hot, but we have a crush on paper and fountain pens.
Let us know what you would like to read about! Are you wondering how to keep your gear in working condition in bad weather? Would you like tips & tricks about keeping your feet warm? Maybe you want to learn more about the equipment our ambassadors use and how they use it, about floating hide photography or about the best gear for specific trips? Drop us a line, we’re happy to share what we know!
Enjoy springtime in the field! 
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