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Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #10

January 31 · Issue #10 · View online
Friends of MrJanGear
Newsletter #10 - The road to freedom
Fact: we ran out of corona-related jokes. The pandemic has a profound effect on everything we do, from travelling and meeting family and friends, to the timely delivery of raw materials and planning the shipments for our customers. Every step has to be meticulously prepared and measured against the ever-changing rules.
But change is in the air. From New Zealand to Norway, from Florida to Hokkaido, we’re ready for a year with fewer restrictions, in which we can explore nature freely and capture its beauty beyond our backyard.
We’re guessing you’re ready for that too, so here’s some gear we have in store to help you!

The Mursu Wetland Hide challenge
We made the original Wetland Hide for one goal: to have a portable tent that can be used from autumn until spring when the mating season (‘lekking season’) of the grouse starts. Because the ‘leks’ are in the middle of the frozen wetlands, putting up a tent is not the problem. But when the temperature rises, the frozen bog becomes wet again. So, we took on the challenge to design a hide that keeps you dry and comfortable in a moor throughout the seasons: the Mursu Wetland Hide.
The blind was developed for use on high turf and other boggy areas, in wet forests, in snow-covered areas and in areas with high winds - think Dovrefjell in Norway or the Siberian taiga and tundra. We designed and sampled a tent that withstands all seasons, based on feedback from photographers like Mia Surakka and Tuomas Heinonen, who had tested the Wetland Hide throughout the year. 
Mursu with the poly-cotton outer tent
Mursu with the poly-cotton outer tent
The Mursu Wetland Hide became more than just an upgrade of the original Hide. It’s more modular in design and applicable in a wider range of situations. You can use this tent in wetlands, on beaches and in the forest - to observe and photograph hard to find species of owls, capercaillies, black grouses, cranes, and waders.
Modular in design - The Mursu is a 4-season hide
Modular in design - The Mursu is a 4-season hide
Another challenge was to make the tent lighter, bug-proof and coloured for use in woodlands as well as the snow. We also wanted to offer a 360º view and make it applicable for low as well as medium-high camera positions. Finally, you can stay overnight in this hide and there’s space for cooking gear, if needed. 
All Mursu pre-orders until February 20 will be free of shipping costs
Delivery of the first tents will be at the end of March
The Suit: Get dressed for the occasion
The Suit - the ultimate solution for photographers who like to enter the shallow waters to mingle with ducks, grebes and other waterfowl - is on track for production. The new series will arrive before the end of April and will be in pre-order soon. Keep an eye on the website for more information, and add your e-mail address to the waitlist if you’d like to be the first to get the pre-order option.
We have some more news up our sleeve for next month. Stay safe, stay healthy and avoid the bears on the road!
MrJan & team
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