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Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #1

February 26 · Issue #1 · View online
Friends of MrJanGear
Spring newsletter - Let’s come out of hiding!

Dear Friends
As you know, we are a small company, communicating primarily through email and the occasional social post. But we get lots of questions about our new products, and are always debating new ideas. So we decided a newsletter is the perfect medium to keep in touch, share novelties in our product line and get some feedback about our gear and what is needed in the field. 
So here it is, our very first newsletter. Enjoy, and drop us a line on what you think!
The Wetland hide is back
Slippery when wet
Slippery when wet
What started out as an experiment, has become one of our most successful products. The Wetland Hide is designed to be a comfortable solution for photographing and observing wildlife in wet and snowy areas – think Dovrefjell or the Siberian taiga and tundra. It’s ideal for long stays and has particularly often been used to capture Capercaillie ‘lekking’. 
It’s delivered with a new, extra inner tent made from mosquito netting and a fixed lightweight groundsheet. This allows you to also use the hide drier and/or insect-ridden areas. 
You can still pre-order the Wetland Hide for €725,- until March 15.
After that date, the price will go up to €775,- (we extended the pre-order period a bit for you, our newsletter subscribers) and we will only keep a limited stock.
Wetland Hide - MrJan Gear
New products
Looking for an easy solution to protect your camera from rain, snow and sand? We introduce the Shower Cap, a small, compact and lightweight lens-cover for photography in more challenging conditions. It packs into a little pocket fixed to the cap and comes in 3 colours: camouflage, snow and khaki. No luxury when you’re in the field, as rain always finds you – even when in full camouflage.
Rain will always find you, even when in full camouflage.
Rain will always find you, even when in full camouflage.
Showercap - MrJan Gear
An ambassador from the early days, we met David Pattyn on a show where we were introducing our new prototype Floating Hide about seven years ago. He told us that he was an avid floating hide photographer and instantly realised that an inflatable hide would increase his options significantly. It allows him to practice photography wherever he goes and to get up close to his all-time favourite: the great crested grebe. We let him test our first prototype and guess what? He never returned it.
David has been a dedicated nature photographer for over 15 years. His work is featured on the front page of the March issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, including a 10-page portfolio/photo story.
BBC Wildlife Magazine - March 2021
BBC Wildlife Magazine - March 2021
Floating Hide II production
Let us guess: now you want a floating hide too? We can imagine!
Floating hide photography is quite demanding and needs careful planning and the right gear, but the results are highly rewarding. We’re finishing the production of the Floating Hide II for the first run of orders - quite a challenge after all the hassle, restrictions and delays of last year. Prompted by the Brexit, we found a new supplier for the tent poles and new alloy tubes for the ‘bridge’, which we had to cut and engrave ourselves. This second version is lighter and smaller and has a lower mounting plate, whilst remaining as stable and reliable as the original. 
Do you have any questions or feedback about our gear? Get in touch and we’ll be sure to answer.
Enjoy your time in the field!  
Back on pole position...
Back on pole position...
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